Grid / Isometric drawing and drafting paper

At Obstructures we do a great deal of drawing. Computers are used often, but ideas are still born and developed on paper. For years we have searched for a proper paper for our work that provided the proper registration for grids to aid in our sketches and drafting. As educators in architecture and graphic design we also saw a need for a different type of drawing paper for both students and professionals. These needs coupled with the design of our Bandboard clipboard system and other upcoming designs for the workplace created a legitimate need to design and print our own paper.

We wanted a grid, but it had to be much finer and not overpowering on the sheet. We decided on a 0.1 inch grid divided in half inch increments. Instead of lines, fine dots are deployed on the tenth mark, and a cross at each half inch. In addition to the orthogonal grid we have designed a grid that aids in isometric drawing with a diagonal grid of dots at 30/60 degrees. Combinations of these along with a title block and a margin for notes results makes for a variety of papers to suit the design professional’s needs.

The paper is bright white, lightweight and subtly translucent. We tested a variety of papers to find one that took both ink and graphite equally well. The ink is cyan for clean photocopying and after scanning easy isolation to remove the grid in the computer if needed.

The paper comes in glue bound cardboard backed pads of fifty sheets in three sizes: Letter 8.5x11”, 6”x9” and 12”x18” desk pads. The 6”x9” paper was made specifically for our small Bandboard, but is quite convenient for every day use for those who prefer to draw on pads rather than sketchbooks. The letter paper fits our large Bandboard, as do 12”x18” sheets folded in half.