BANDBOARD aluminum clipboard and modular work platform

We are workers, makers, and designers who like to stay organized with all of our daily tools within reach. Critical observation of the typical workflow of our colleagues in the field and workplace has yielded a new idea for the organization and transport of the items we depend on to do our jobs.

The clipboard has been our default tool for working, but many of us are unsatisfied with its single function. Up until now, the archetype for clipboard has not changed, and is limited by a single clip designed only to secure paper. Why shouldn’t the user be able to clip, or better yet: strap anything to the board? Based on this performance criteria we have refined and prototyped a design that borrows from the details, materials and processes of our aluminum plate wallet system. A good detail can be adapted and scaled, and we saw great potential in combining the surface of a clipboard, with the notches, o-rings, and mechanisms of our wallets.

We conceptualized this object as a flexible surface for carrying just about anything within easy access. This resulted is a durable and versatile design that greatly expands the capabilities of the traditional clipboard, while retaining its general functions. Referred to as the “bandboard,” we have found that it has become an ideal replacement for a small bag, acting as a minimalist’s attache; except in this modular unit, its surfaces become useful in more ways than a simple container. Aluminum has proved t

o be a durable and lightweight material for the design which is easily formed and anodized for a durable finish.

The design avoids specificity providing an armature for bands of various sizes and tensions, allowing for the secure transport of everything from writing instruments to small pads, phones and other objects. Instead of carrying a bag or briefcase, the bandboard acts as a portable worksurface for transporting and accessing the instruments of daily use. Through a series of notches in the lasercut aluminum board, multiple sizes and strengths of o-rings allow for seemingly infinite possibilities to secure almost anything.

The boards come in two sizes, each accommodating standard ANSI/ARCH/ISO/JIS formats. The larger accommodates paper sizes up to 9 by 12 inches; the smaller board is suitable for these sizes folded in half, or any sheet sized up to 6 by 9 inches.

In addition to the band board itself, there is the option for a removable wing that allows for even more possibilities. The formed aluminum wing utilizes an integrated slip hinge of our own design allowing for an additional surface that folds open adding e

ven more carrying capacity.

The wing allows for various sized bands that can be wrapped vertically and horizontally in various angles and configurations to adapt to the needs of most situations. We have found that smaller tablets and most phones nest well on the wing to allow for the manipulation of paper, pen and digital technology simultaneously. When the wing is not needed, it can be quickly removed, or reversed on the board to stow away your items clearing the surface for use. It can also be attached in a manner resulting in an easel for a tablet or other documents.

The open board with wing allows for a portable work surface sized perfectly to cradle in the arm while in the field and then fol

d up securely for travel to the next destination. Once your items are in place, they stay in place.

There are many benefits to a board wrapped in bands. The o-rings serve as bumpers protecting the contents from spills; keep paperwork organized in wind; and secure the board from sliding on other surfaces while protecting those surfaces from damage. While using off-the-shelf bands allows for multiple configurations by the user, the buna-nitrile o-rings sizes have been chosen for optimal performance. Some areas utilize a harder and more durable ring— such as the bumpers that isolate the board from surfaces and secure the wing, or for more tension at the clip. In other areas, they are soft and pliable for easy movement, and flexibility to hold larger objects. And once your items are in place, they stay in place.

Using an off the shelf band allows for multiple configurations by the user. Also, the board will be shipped with spare rings for replacement and customization. The clipboard has been around for many years with various iterations on the market, yet no significant advance in the idea of a modular worksurface or integration with new workflows or technologies has occurred until now.

We often sit in meetings with sketchbooks in our laps, pens hanging out of our mouths, pads and phones balanced precariously on our thighs, and see this design as an ideal way to secure and organize a work surface in any context. The clipboard has been around for countless years with various iterations on the market—-yet no significant advance in its integration with new workflows and methods has occurred until now. We made this product because we recognized a potential need, and saw limitations in the existing archetype of clipboard. The Bandboard has perfomed well for over a year of research and development, and we bring this design to Kickstarter in the hope that it is something that you need to stay better organized, and be more productive.