Stainless Steel Mailbox

This custom mailbox was originally designed for the House With Two Courts. There were no available alternatives within the client’s budget so this design was conceptualized and fabricated. Most mailboxes require the application of adhesive backed numbers of letters to signify the address. The first peformance criteria was that the information should be integral to the design and no applied after the fact. The house was already the most radical on the block, so an off-the-shelf mail box would not do. From the moment one approaches the property the mailbox is the first sign that something is different here.

An important demand for the design was that it be durable and maintenance free. It consists of an inner stainless steel box with an outer shell with subtracted numbers. The zone between the two allows for a concealed area for the flag to fold into. This mailbox meets all US Postal Service regulations and is made to order for other contexts demanding such an object.