PRY / OPEN: Stainless Steel + Titanium Pocket Tools

The objects we carry daily are those we truly value and depend on. They may not be the most precious or expensive things we own, but we are quite selective about what we choose to lug around.

Unfortunately, our key rings were always jam-packed with bottle openers, small pry-bars and flat-heads—so this design was an opportunity to ditch some of those things for a singular tool. This small, steel tool was born out of some basic needs:

Pocket clip: for the suspension/securing of keys to the pocket’s edge

Pry bar: to save the tips of our knives and to leverage stubborn objects

Large/small flat head: to turn screws, pry in tight places, and open boxes

Bottle opener: just in case

The design challenge was to integrate these needs into one clear, concise, and uncluttered form. A tool is only as good as its usability. We did not overload it with functions, but chose to make it do a few things well with serious attention given to ergonomics. A simple shank of sand-blasted laser-cut stainless would do the job well enough.

Pocket clip

With a loaded keychain there is the annoyance of keys falling deep into the pocket, resulting in an unorganized wad of metal. The tool acts as a suspender by clipping to the pocket’s edge, reducing the need to dig deep for keys. Split rings are generally a pain, so we include a 6” stainless steel cable ring with threaded connector. This type of ring, along with the long slot in the center of the tool, allows your keys to slide from one end to the other, facilitating the use of whichever end fits your needs. For those loyal to the split ring or have a preference to hang keys outside of the pocket, we have included a window at the top for such purposes.

Pry bar

The tool has two ends that can be used for tearing, prying, poking, scraping, and opening, as well as other fingernail-saving needs. Think of it as a partner to a pocketknife, which is designed only to cut. We often have a need to pry things and don’t want to torture the tips of our knife blades. One end is intentionally chunky and coarse to allow for serious prying, while the other is split into two finer edges which can be used for pulling pins and nails as well as tearing packaging and opening boxes. This end faces down in the pocket, while the blunt end is exposed at the pocket’s edge and tapers towards the body.

Large/small flat head

The pry ends double as flat head screwdrivers. The blunt end works well for larger screws, while the finer spit end has one prong extended for smaller fasteners or prying in tight places. In a pinch, a flat head can be used to turn a Phillips.

Bottle opener

Resourceful people can always find a way to open a bottle, but we have been very specific in shaping one edge for this purpose. It is placed at the end of the tool to allow for a better grip, and the knurling at the top of the clip communicates the best position for the thumb when cracking open a refreshing beverage. While bottle openers are often an afterthought, this is a function that deserves no compromise.

We have also designed a smaller version of the tool that retains the functionality of the larger one. While the large tool is 3/16” stainless, the smaller tool is 1/8” thick and cut from the same material. It is close to the size of a key and includes the stainless cable ring as well. It can also be attached to a split key ring via the window at the top edge.

We believe that every designed object is a tool to accomplish a need. Such objects should work simply, and simply work. The form of the design should look effortless and communicate its purpose clearly.