PRY / OPEN: Stainless Steel Pocket Tool

(NOW HEAR THIS: The pry/open pocket tool is currently sold out. Our fourth run is in production with minor revisions. We will also be adding a new compact version of the tool as well as a line of aluminum wallets. Check back in a week or so for more details.)

This small steel tool was born out of some basic needs. The first of which was the annoyance of keys falling deep into the pocket. At a minimum it had to serve as a way to clip the keys to the pocket’s edge. Our key-rings are packed with bottle openers, small pry-bars, and flat-heads as we often pop the caps of beers or have a need to pry things but don’t want to snap the tips of our knife blades. This was an opportunity to ditch some of these things for a singular tool. It was also an excuse to carry around a thick little shank of steel in our pockets. Substantial things are of great interest to us.

There are many other functions the tool could perform, but we did not want to crowd or compromise the basic idea. It does a few things, and we hope it does them well.

Split rings are such a pain so we have included a 6” stainless steel cable ring with threaded connector. This type of ring along with the long slot in the center of the tool allows your keys and such to slide from side to side allowing you to use the side that fits your needs.

The tool has minimal finish work to keep cost down. It was laser cut from a plate of stainless steel and then simply de-burred and sandblasted after the tapered surfaces were ground by hand. Titanium, high carbon tool steel and other metals were considered. 304 stainless was inexpensive, easy to grind and at this thickness more than enough to get the job done. It may not be the best pry-bar, nail puller or flathead, but it is better than ruining your knife blade or having nothing at all. Given our choices of material and finish we can offer this for a relatively low price of $35 shipped domestically. Please inquire if you have interest in ordering one.