0.625 Prototype “Brut” Aluminum Guitar

The ΒΌ” jack is all that limits us from going thinner. Instrument is 5/8” thick with hollow sound chamber in neck. Guitar has one P90 pick-up with zero electronics for the minimalist yielding a bright and piercing tone. This design was an exercise in stripping away all that is unnecessary. The shape is composed of straight-line segments and horn length is optimized for balance. We did not try to make it look pretty, or look like anything at all except an expression of performance. Images shown are of prototype with tailpiece instead of fixed bridge. Double jacks for ambidextrous use.


5/8” thick, 38” length, 10 lbs, 24-3/4” 22 fret Gibson scale


Flat black tool anodization with black hardware and black oxide coated stainless steel fasteners.


Fixed bridge, locking tuners, holes drilled through for fret markers, strap locks