Tacticalworks HQ


Infill warehouse building In the Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore measuring 18’ × 90’. The only natural light comes from two skylights and small windows at the street front of the long and narrow space.


(at that time we were ‘Tacticalworks’) Living for two, working for three, and the ability to transform the space into a recording studio on an absurdly low budget.


Decisions about details and connections will be made as we build during a one- month process of action and reaction. This ad-hoc process will allow us to test moves through building, experimenting and innovating from what was available.


Frame three eight-foot cubes and sheath them in OSB and homosote. Two will be living units and double as isolation booths for recording; one will be a private office/control room for the studio. Half of each roof will be clad in corrugated plastic to catch light from above, and the other half will be storage. The remaining space will be free plan live and work area with a kitchen at the rear of the space. An 18’ long table from salvaged Insulated glazing units will be the public workstation and the first 18’ of space at the street front will be a work shop and public interface separated from the main space by a corrugated plastic wall.