Axonometric Calculator

The Axonometric Calculator is a tool to aid in the creation of axonometric projections based on flat multi-view drawings. It was originally created to help a group of students create comps for a packaging project. Since then, it’s gone through various revisions—from web app to desktop app and back again, and in a variety of languages. Only the gods know why.

It’s reasonably simple to use, and will automagically generate a file suitable for loading into Adobe Illustrator’s Actions palette. Or, for those of a curiouser nature, will spit out the necessary transformations to your browser.

AxonCalc has been offline/broken/neglected for quite some time. We noticed that there was a small (yet embarrassing) amount of traffic while this tool was broken. But not to fear! For those frightened of the wonderful world of trigonometry, you’re again be able to comp up packaging samples with reckless abandon.