Octavo Series

For several years, Obstructures has been (slowly) working on designing a series of classic, publicly available texts. Too many books of this sort are, quite sadly, poor facsimiles of books typeset long ago (complete with errata)—or were typeset decades ago with rather poorly digitized revivial types. Given the plethora of fonts available today, there’s really no reason for people to be reading overly light versions of Garamond and Baskerville. Call us idealists, but some of us prefer to read books that don’t offend the eyes.

Several titles are in the proofing stages, many are still being typeset. Titles include Hobbes’ Leviathan, The Federalist Papaers, Proudhon’s What is Property, Pascal’s Pensees, and the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius among many others.

Eventually, at some undisclosed future date, these will be available for purchase online. Give us a break—we have several day jobs.