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Obstructures' 0750 has been through many iterations over more than a decade. The first version (from circa 2011), through version 'e' (released in 2021) shared many features. An adjusted body shape (relative to the original ABC model from the late 90s) with longer horns offered better balance. A bridge of our own design was machined from an aluminum billet and anodized to match the body. Filleted ramps, machined into the body where the strings pass through, ease the bending of the strings as they pass over the saddles, reducing their tendency to break.

The body and neck are machined from three-quarter inch solid aluminum billet and, with an overall length of thirty-seven inches, the guitar weighs in at under twelve pounds. 

Over the years we've used various pickups in these, all of them P-90 style, mounted directly to the neck. The majority of the instruments used pickups from Electrical Guitar Company, though later models have employed P-90s from MJS in Canada. 

Typical writing has included two 1MΩ volume pots through an on-on-on pickup selector. The current model utilizes a PCB of our own design that allows for two-volume or volume-and-tone setups, and optional phase switches.

These instruments are designed for ambidextrous operation. The front strap button can be moved to the opposite horn for right- or left-handed players. Two output jacks on either side of the rear strap button can suit righties or lefties—or can be used to drive multiple output paths.

Other details: Gibson scale (nominal 24.75 inch), 22 frets, Graph-tech 'String Saver' saddles with stainless steel hardware, brass nut, Sperzel locking tuners, stainless fret markers. Custom aluminum cases, which have varied in thickness over the years, with continuous piano hinge and custom-cut closed-cell industrial foam accompany these instruments.

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Guitars are manufactured in small batches in the United States. Each run will be assembled in the order they were purchased. Typical lead time from order to delivery is 8–10 months.

If you would like options in your instrument's assembly and set up that aren't listed, please contact us. When manufacturing and assembly are complete, we'll contact you about shipping.


We use UPS for most shipments. If you require another service, please let us know. We will invoice you for shipping costs separately, once assembly is complete and your guitar is ready to ship.

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