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0×EAE Pedals

0×EAE Pedals

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Electronic Audio Experiments
The 0×EAE line of pedals is a collaboration between Obstructures and Electronic Audio Experiments. The 0×EAE collaboration sought to create a modular enclosure as a platform for various effects. To date a fierce boost and a violent fuzz have been produced.

The enclosure is purpose-built for musical performance—die-cast from solid aluminum for heft and durability; its sloped surface allows ergonomic access to the footswitch,;and the exaggerated longitudinal shape places more space between what is foot operated and what is manually operated, reducing the potential for stomping on the wrong thing—especially in a live scenario. 

The inherent modularity designed into all of the components ensures that the platform will continue to provide functionality for new effects designs for years to come. And, perhaps most importantly, these pedals are designed to suffer a lifetime of abuse, day after day on the road, on the stage, and in the studio.
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