Brian Johnson

Brian’s design experience started at The University of Tennessee with a degree in OHLD (for the lay person that is Ornamental Horticulture & Landscape DESIGN). In 2000ish Brian began what he thought would be a cushy landscape design job but, it turned quickly into a labor intensive job at a start up design build firm.

With larger aspirations and dreams of grandeur Brian enrolled at Mississippi State University in the landscape architecture program. After 3 years and some accolades he achieved the coveted BLA. After graduation he worked a short stent for a firm in Daphne AL. Predestination would bring him to Knoxville TN where he worked at a firm for three years under the pretense of ‘this is landscape architecture’.

Frustrated with the lack of objective criteria in landscape design, arbitrary lines, hybridized plants, and a false sense of aesthetic (not to mention the tanking economy). Brian tried his hand in different avenues of design. Two years as a pool-designer/human-photocopier and a brief requiem with a boat company. As an ‘industrial designer’, fate and some wallets would catapult him into a prestigious career with Obstructures. As a 33.3% member of the company, his insight and experience helped codify Obstructures as 33.3% of a legitimate design company.

He can’t spell, so he thinks the speak-to-text option is the best thing ever invented (with the speech option running a close second.)