[As of June 2022 we're phasing out this webpage and online shop, as we focus on guitar design and production. We'll be replacing this property with something else in the future.]

DESIGN IS PROBLEMATIC. Some claim that design is a problem-solving exercise. Obstructures states rather that design is problem-creating. All objects of design are eventual obstructions. Despite even the best of intentions, design ends up in our way.

In order to see design as a problem-solving endeavor, one must ask: is the problem worth solving? Does the world need another variant of whatever archetype? The answer is almost invariably: no. Designers are engaged in a profession that throws things into the world—intending to satisfy the demands of those who request or consume these things, but what of the bystanders? What of the waste products of the consumption?

As humans, we have an insatiable desire to communicate with each other. Design excels at building the necessary containers and conduits for these myriad messages. Obstructures is interested in (1) developing higher signal-to-noise ratios, (2) thereby prolonging meaningful communication, and (3) dying a graceful death once the party is over.

Currently, Obstructures is engaged in the design of indestructible aluminum guitars, occupiable boxes and various other types of spectacles in spatial and graphic form.

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