Rude Tectonics Exhibtion

Obstructures personnel were invited to deliver a lecture at the 2010 Tennessee AIA convention. The props for this lecture were then exhibited along with other work at the West Jackson Workshops. The exhibition was a loose collection put together on 48 hours notice.

On display were various aluminum guitar prototypes, a large glowing ramp of reclaimed garbage and a mock-up of the “shim wall” material move which had been deployed at the Flower Pot on Gay Street and later refined for a permanent installation at the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design.

Rolls of orange duct tape were used to create a single line starting from the street and moving through the building and out the rear as a diagram of sequence through the exhibition space.

Events like this are a great opportunity to produce pure spectacle. Sound, light, foreign objects and a rowdy crowd engage the street while a thoughtful discussion on building from garbage, indestructible tools for the making of sound and night vision preserving characteristics of red light ensues until an obscene hour.