Snake House


Previous half built house on site destroyed by arson.


We had first concerned ourselves with economic issues and as a result an econo-box was provided. Our proposal too similar to a trailer was rejected. (as if we actually thought that our romantic expression of rationalism would fly) Surprisingly they were quite mesmerized by the snake-like entry.

CLIENT: ‘Its just not crazy enough, but I got to admit I’m down with the snake.”

They requested that we play the ‘cool game’—they wanted to cross a bridge to get to the bedroom. ‘Ok then’ we answered submissively.


Entire spatial sequence of house hinges on bridge element. Snake-like entry infects and drives the form of entire structure. We generally avoid literal references, but the striped gradient of materials and the snaking facade terminating in a rattler-like stair ripped! Overall the form was still to static, so the snake received a ‘wiggly waistline’ of shifting floor-plates.

CLIENT: ‘What is it made of?’

We mention rusted steel plates and translucent green stained marine grade plywood and something about uncomfortably thin structurally honest steel tube columns.

Given this description are you at all surprised to hear that the damn thing never got built?