Compact aluminum drawing triangles with inking edge

Times change but straight lines remain straight (ignoring the curvature of space-time of course). Mark-making has been around since the dawn of recorded history (obviously since how would it otherwise have been recorded), and it’s not likely to abate anytime soon since it remains so easy to scribble about with a stick of some sort on virtually any surface. The need for more precise measurement drove the invention of the chalk line, the plumb bob, the pantograph, the sextant—fine things for rerouting waterways, erecting temples to deceased child-gods, or launching monkeys into space.

Certainly the triangle is nothing new. It may even seem wonderfully impervious to innovation. But since drawing is what we do—to advance a conversation, or fill in the blanks where words fail to provide clarity—a lightweight set of triangles was conceived that provided multiple functions without unnecessary feature creep.

Lightweight? Check! These are slightly less than 1mm thick, which means they slip nicely into your notebook, drawing board, etc.

Durable? But of course! These are made of anodized aluminum, so you can make precise cuts without shredding your inferior plastic triangle.

An inking edge? Wait, wtf? A metal triangle with an inking edge? Indeed! Our triangles combine the ability to draw with pencil or pen with the integrated bent inking edge on each hypotenuse.

A bizarre array of confusing dots? Oui oui! Or small triangles include templates for a variety of everyday arithmetic series that converge to useful proportions. What you do with them is up to you.

Available in black or clear anodized with a linear brushed finish, these little shards are made to last. Sized perfectly to fit a pocket sketch book or in our Micro Bandboard.


2.875” × 5”, 5.75” hypotenuse. 0.4 oz


4” × 4”, 5.75” hypotenuse. 0.5 oz