A4 three-plate aluminum wallet

Our new and improved wallet design. Integrates a three o-ring design for increased usability; a new alloy for an improved finish; ambidextrous tab layout; the smallest of our three-plate configuration yet; and many other updates. Unbroken aluminum surfaces provide an amount of RFID blocking for potentially increased security. Triangle allows for easy access for cash and frequently used cards. Multiple configurations are possible. Includes integrated bottle opener. The new urethane o-rings perform better than the old nitrile rings, but they’re a touch stiffer—give ‘em a little stretch before you assemble your wallet.

Dimensions: 2.550” width / 3.875” length / .050” plate thickness

Weight: 1.70 oz (w/ o-rings) / 1.80 oz (w/o)

O-rings: 50A durometer urethane / #227 / .125” thick / 2.125” inner diameter; #120 / .095” thick / 1.000” inner diameter